Thursday, October 2, 2008

Feet First... or Head First into the Ministry?

Have you ever been thrust into a ministry, or in my case, had a ministry thrust upon you? At 20 years old I barely feel like a college student. In December I'll barely feel like a college graduate. I've attended various campus fellowships during my tenure here at Ferris State University, but I've always been more a part of my local church than the campus ministries. My church has no outreach to the college students, and I'm a "townie," so I've never really needed a church away from home. Due to the lack of ministries directed towards college students in my church, I've often found myself frustrated with the status of things and have often desired a more contemporary enivoronment in which to connect with other believers with similar insterests and life situations. Now I have that chance.

One of our recent high school graduates has begun attending irregularly, and I can understand why. There is nothing for him. After Youth Group is the Seniors Class, and by seniors, it doesn't mean "in high school" or "in college." Last Sunday he attended, and I made a proposition: how about we start a college age bible study during the Sunday School hour? Altogether, we have about 4 people who may attend this Sunday: him, his girlfriend, my wife, and myself. I haven't invited anyone from school yet, and I probably should. Actually, I should.

We are going to try to have an interactive Bible Study. We are starting with the Gospel of John and will be having an "everybody shares" type meeting every week. Hopefully, if everyone studies, we can have some good discussion, prayer, fellowship, and maybe even music. We'll see because this Sunday is the beginning. We're starting a ministry with nothing. That is a great way to begin because we will know who's giving the increase. At least, I hope so.

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