Monday, December 15, 2008

A Christmas Lament

Another Christmas comes and goes; it's the same thing every year.
Put up a fir tree and decorate to spread some holiday cheer.
And yet I find myself pondering the whole year over a week,
The snowflakes falling down outside, they chill my cheek.

The sun is darkened by a black cloud that covers the sky.
I see the people pass me in the store as they walk by.
I don't quite understand what my task is before I go.
Should I just sit around like I'm doing? It's all I know.

The book is opened and I read His words again.
He says that if I do what He says then I'm his friend
And yet I know that I am warming myself within
While the ones I know are freezing, wearing thin.

Did I just miss the point or did my mind take leave?
I find these past twelve months crushing me on Christmas Eve.
As I recount the times that I stood up and spoke my peace
About the greatest gift that anyone could ever receive.

Time after time I find that I have failed more often than not.
And at the end of the year I feel as if my time is shot.
How do I become relational like the books and teachers say
If I don't connect with the Father every single day?

Perhaps my biggest mistake was not in reading books
But in choosing not to speak, only giving dirty looks.
I guess I never took the chance to love someone else
Who could have benefitted from something you can't get off the shelf.

As December thirty-one peaks right into view
I make a promise in the sight of God and you
To be a true disciple who is near the Lord each day
Who's also in the world and gives his faith away.

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