Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper

As a part of the ChristianAudio Reviewer's Program, I get to download free books, listen to them, and write a review. Here are my thoughts on John Piper’s book, Don’t Waste Your Life.

Many of the themes present in Desiring God resurface in Don’t Waste Your Life. Piper sums up a non-wasted life early in the book: 

“God created me—and you—to live with a single, all-embrac­ing, all-transforming passion—namely, a passion to glorify God by enjoying and displaying his supreme excellence in all the spheres of life.”

But don’t think this is it. Piper is a man of one passion, but he is not limited to a small topical set. The book is well rounded and he doesn’t leave out the parts other authors would have left out because he is so well rounded. Perhaps the most rewarding chapter for me in my present situations was “Making Much of Christ from 8 to 5.” The pleasure and joy of working for Christ instead of just working for “the man” makes all the difference between a good day at work and a bad day. Living in a culture that values leisure time and disdains work, it was a helpful reminder to live in such a way as to glorify God and enjoy him in all the spheres of life.

Lloyd James’ narration is a joy to the ears. His voice is calm, steady, and thoughtful. He adds the right sort of inflection and never lost my interest.

In all, I highly recommend the book. If you’re not sure about it, download the PDF and scan a few chapters for yourself. Or download and listen to the preview on Crossway’s product page. If you’re familiar with Piper at all, this one is certainly worth space on your shelf. It’s already on mine (and not just the free review copy).

To buy the audiobook, visit ChristianAudio.com (direct link).
To buy a hard copy, visit Amazon.com.

Disclosure of Material Connection: I received this book free from ChristianAudio as part of their book review program.

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