Monday, January 10, 2011

Daniel and the Lion's Den

Last night our Hispanic men’s Bible Study covered Daniel 6. That is the famous “Daniel and the Lion’s Den” chapter, and one that many people have heard since they were kids. It can be easy to skim over familiar passages without pausing to think and digest what is really being said.

As we went over the passage we had some very insightful questions and answers, ones that I hadn’t considered much when reading through the passage. Perhaps the best comment I heard was from Anibal, who said, “Daniel left that lion’s den the same way he went in.”

This is profound. When Daniel heard about a law that denied him the right to pray to God for thirty days, he didn’t change his habits or pattern of living. He remained faithful and steadfast. He was humble before his God. The next day, when he should have been long gone, devoured by the lions, he was alive. He was still humble and proclaimed his innocence of wrongdoing to the king.

There are going to be times in our lives when we will face many diverse trials. This year is no exception. There will be pain, suffering, loss, and death. But when these times come, I want my relationship with God to be strong so that I can say, when the trouble is past, I left that storm the same way I went in.

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