Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Theological Famine Relief

I subscribe to the Desiring God (DG) blog feed and regularly read up on the happenings within that ministry. They have so many Christian resources that I regularly check out the site for access to online books, conference messages, and the like.

One specific outreach of Desiring God is called, “Theological Famine Relief for the Global Church.” In addition to the plethora of digital resources on the website, DG also works to provide print materials and other helps to Christians overseas who have little or no access to good, quality, Christian literature.

One conference speaker I try to listen to often is D.A. Carson, and he frequently mentions how blessed we are as English speakers in the West. No other language has anything close to the sheer volume of Christian literature as ours.

Since I work with Hispanics, I can say that holds true for Spanish as well. There are so few resources. Yet compared to other languages, even Spanish has a large amount of resources available.

On the DG blog today was an article about the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DCR). This Sub-Saharan African country has been torn apart by rebel violence, civil war, and unrest. At the request of local pastors, a DG staff member went to the DCR to help put on a pastor’s conference.

Though their English skills were basic, the pastors there received with joy the book, 50 Reasons Why Jesus Came to Die. Based in part on the need in DCR, Rwanda, Kenya, and other places, Desiring God worked to translate the book into Swahili.

If you don’t support a missionary, international outreach, or translation group, please consider praying and putting aside some money on a regular basis to fund one of these groups. Just a few dollars can purchase a book that will bring joy to a pastor and enable him to better lead Christ’s congregation where he serves.

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