Friday, March 25, 2011

Pray for the Nu People

I don't know how, but I have suddenly become a self-proclaimed prayer coordinator for IMB missionaries in Colombia. Here's what Today's Prayer had:

NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Thank you for your prayers for the Colombian national missionaries who work with the Nu people as they spent time in a major city during the month of December to experience a time of rest and relaxation, to continue work on the translating and editing of biblical narratives, and to visit supporting churches. This family returned to their field of service in January, and then came once again to the city in February to live for four to six months. They have expressed a need for further rest and some counseling to help equip them better to walk with and serve the Lord in their field of service. Pray that this family will follow God's leadership concerning the areas of their life that need to be examined and submitted to His correction, healing and victory. Pray that they will be ministered to by their home church and friends, and that adequate arrangements can be made for their two daughters' ongoing schooling.
Here's a prior post from February 16, 2011

NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Give thanks to the Lord that Nu believers in an isolated village have invited a Nu woman from another group of this indigenous community to spend time with them and to visit in their village. This visit will allow the believers to share the Bible stories that have been translated into the Nu language with her in the setting of their homes and community. This is the first time that such an invitation has been extended to someone outside of their clan. Pray that this woman will hear and receive the Good News of Christ, and that this first step of sharing the Gospel across geographic and clan lines will open the door for more sharing and outreach.

With all that is going on in the world and all the people therein, we have much to pray for. If you don't regularly pray concerning missions, I encourage you to check out Today's Prayer, Operation World, or some other way of getting involved with the feet on the ground through prayer support.

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