Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ar of Colombia (Prayer Request)

I saw in my feed reader today that there is another prayer request coming out of Colombia. Today's Prayer
is for national and Southern Baptist missionaries seeking to reach the Ar people of Colombia. Many tribes in South America have had little to no contact with Westerners, much less with the truth about Christ.
AR OF COLOMBIA (ahr). Thank you for praying for the national missionaries who work with the Ar people of Colombia, asking that they would move forward in their language learning and in their contacts with members of this people group. Thank the Lord for a missionary from a Great Commission Christian group who specializes in language learning who was willing and able to visit with J and A for a week of intensive study on how to learn a new language. Pray that they will be able to put into practice what they have learned, that God will provide a member of the Ar people group to continue to help them in their language acquisition, and that they will learn quickly and be able to communicate effectively with the Ar people. Pray for God's Word to be heard, understood and responded to by V, her family, and other members of the Ar community as the Lord leads.
I recently watched a documentary describing the Colombian tribe that was used in the filming of The Mission. It reminds me of the urgency of this and other requests for tribes, tongues, and nations that have not heard the gospel.

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