Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Managing Priorities (Prayer Request)

I'm noticing that the Nu people in Colombia are getting a lot of "press coverage." I hope they are getting a lot of "prayer coverage" as well. This ministry is beginning to feel more and more like something I'm a part of, even if it is only through prayer and I don't know any of the people involved.

Identifying priorities in ministry is not an easy thing to do. Right now in our Hispanic ministry at church we're looking over our ministry in light of our upcoming 2nd anniversary and spiritual maturity is a big concern of ours. Sometimes it's easier to focus on what is temporarily urgent than what is eternally significant. Please lift up these missionaries in your prayers today.

NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Before returning to work among the Nu of Colombia, the Colombian missionaries who work with this people group need to spend time planning their work for the coming year. One of the obstacles they have encountered in their ministry and family life has been that of dealing with the many needs among the Nu people, the constant call for help from them, and an inability to prioritize their time and energy, which results in the urgent taking precedence in this ministry. Pray that missionaries J and L can have some quality time of visioning and planning with their mentors and leaders, IMB missionaries F and B; that they can clearly hear God's instruction; and that they will experience the Lord's transforming power in enabling them to set priorities and no longer be controlled by the urgent. Pray specifically for the W group of the Nu community, a group that does not have land that they can call their own on which to live and that has never heard the Gospel, asking that they will have the opportunity to hear God's Word and to live the life of dignity that God has purposed for them.

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