Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Nu Trip and Prayer Request

Much is happening amongst the Nu people. Little by little the gospel is being translated, people are hearing the gospel, and Christian workers are making disciples. Pray for continued growth and that God would supply all the needs of the believers working in and among these people.

NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). The Colombian national missionaries who work with the Nu people have planned a trip during the summer months to the C community where the first group of believers is located. While there, they desire to rebuild their broken jungle home, do a final revision of the translated evangelistic story set, revise/expand/teach the new discipleship stories, and spend a week or two with eight new families who have not heard the Gospel. Pray for God's protection as they travel to and live in this isolated village, and ask that J and L will be open and obedient to God's instruction as He leads them to teach, encourage and evangelize. Pray that the Nu people will be open to hear, understand, receive, and put into practice in their daily lives the truths of the Gospel.

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