Thursday, June 30, 2011

Unreached People Groups

I remember not too long ago that my pastor mentioned to me he'd like our church to adopt an unreached people group. He specifically wished we could do so in Peru, but, he said, "There aren't any unreached people groups in Peru."

A few clicks later I e-mailed him a list of unreached people groups (less than 2% Christian) in Peru. A lot of people think unreached exists in the Hymalayas or the African interior. In truth, many groups of people have had little to no access to the gospel.

I wonder how many others are unaware of the lostness around them and in places like South America. Thanks to the internet and Christians around the wolrd, these "forgotten peoples" are being remembered. That's why I like what a missionary team in Colombia is doing. Here's the most recent prayer update from Team CAFE:

CAFE (ColombiA's Forgotten Ethnos) PEOPLES (cah-FAY). Thank you for your prayers for the two indigenous students, G and D, who have been leading chronological Bible storying times twice a week with a group of 10 non-Christian indigenous students. In May the Gospel was clearly presented, as the story of the crucifixion of Christ was shared with this group. Please pray for the students to reflect on all that they heard and respond with clarity and certainty to the Good News.
By the way, our church is planning on adopting one of those people groups in Peru, to commit to pray and reach them with the gospel. What is your church doing?

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