Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Book Review: Seeing the Unseen

T.W. Hunt’s Seeing the Unseen, contains less than a hundred pages of printed material and looks more like a small companion to a much larger volume. Unfortunately no such volume exists. Yet despite its size, the author left me with much to think about after I turned the last page.

Hunt’s goal is to get his readers to grow a new awareness of God through faith mediated by prayer. At first I found the book difficult to read and enter into until I realized the philosophical bent of the author. Though he mentions various philosophies from the start, I didn’t realize he was writing on a philosophical level. I should have seen it sooner, but not being a student of philosophy, his use of arcane terms and Aristotelian concepts put the reading at a much higher level than I anticipated from a work less than a hundred pages long.

On the plus side, the work accomplished its goal in me, as I did find myself stopping and praying and pondering the things of God more so than usual (much to my admitted shame). His discussion on the Trinity is both concise and accurate, though he does get into some unnecessary and off topic speculation as to why it was the Son who became incarnate rather than the Father or the Spirit. Must we have a reason for everything?

Though I found the book enjoyable and meaningful, I wouldn’t recommend it to most people I know because of the philosophical approach is beyond what most of us read. That and the size. Concise, yes, but a list price of $9.99? I don’t know.

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