Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Book Review: What's Your Secret?

What’s Your Secret? by Aaron Stern is a short book about a somewhat neglected topic: confession. He covers confession broadly, but he does differentiate between sharing secrets and confession. Also, as I expected given the biblical emphasis, Stern’s main topic is the confession of sin.

After a short introduction, Stern gets right to the heart of the matter—sin is an offense against God and we need to confess it to Him. He also speaks of confessing to others and knowing who to confess to, but the key point was well-made, the greatest impact of failing to confess sin is on our relationship with God.

The second half of the book serves as both an encouragement and challenge to the reader. Stern doesn’t want to give us a self-help, make-me-feel-better book. His desire is to be biblical.

Stern also narrates his own book. He can be heard taking a breath before each sentence, and his variation in voice sometimes makes it obvious where individual recordings were pieced together. He’s obviously not a trained audio book narrator, but he’s still pretty decent.

The last chapter felt more like an appendix to an already short book, but Stern’s first work shows potential. The first half of the book was the most valuable, and confession is a practice we ought to be in the habit of doing.

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