Thursday, July 21, 2011

Keeping Busy with the Ar

The last prayer request we had for the Ar of Colombia was back in June. From this prayer request it looks like the missionaries are keeping busy. It might be a good idea to pray also for their time management and rest that they won't become exhausted.

AR OF COLOMBIA (ahr). Every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday, the Colombian missionaries to the Ar of Colombia have scheduled visits to different members of this community with whom they are sharing the Gospel. They leave Wednesdays open to take care of personal and other needs as they arise. Pray that these missionaries will follow God's leadership during each of these visits. Intercede, asking that God will keep these doors of opportunity open and that He will continue to provide contacts that will lead to witnessing opportunities. Pray that the Ar people will respond to God's call on their lives and will have ears to hear and hearts to receive the Good News of Christ.

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