Thursday, July 14, 2011

Mexico Addresses Human Trafficking

Our country's awareness of human trafficking is growing thanks to the efforts of numerous people in organizations dedicated to improving the lives of the poor and oppressed. Thankfully it's not just our news outlets that are picking up on these stories.

Yesterday Mexico's President signed off on changes to the constitution that would better prosecute those responsible for the trafficking of persons and would better protect the victims of this crime.

CNN reports:

Earlier this year a report from Mexico City's human rights commission estimated that 10,000 women were victims of human trafficking in Mexico's capital, but there were only 40 investigations of the crime and three convictions in the city in 2010.

It's about time something was done! Pray for the victims of human trafficking and the perpetrators. The story of Joseph tells us that God can redeem both from this horrible practice that makes animals out of all who are involved.

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