Friday, July 15, 2011

Reaching People in Dangerous Places

Yay! Here's an update from the International Mission Board in Colombia. Two national missionaries (J and L) had planned to travel to the C community for the summer. They were planning on meeting with some eight new families that had not yet heard the gospel. Now it seems they're planning on going to another community to share the gospel as well. This is exciting stuff.

Please be praying for these missionaries. Even though the Colombian government had made great strides in the fight against the paramilitaries and drug traffickers, it is still very dangerous in many rural areas. The conflict we read about in Mexico all the time is really just a transplant of the conflict Colombia has had with these guerrillas since the sixties. Praise God that, conflict or no, He's bringing people into saving faith.

NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Last month, you were asked to pray for the Colombian national missionaries who work with this people group as they spend the summer months deep in the jungle in the C community where the first group of Nu believers lives. While there, they hope to be able to visit another community of the Nu people, which is located a two-days' walk from the C community. Pray that God will open the door for this visit to a new Nu community. Ask Him to go before them and prepare the ears and hearts of the people of this community to hear, understand, and receive the Good News of Christ. Please continue to pray for God's protection of this faithful missionary family as they serve Him in a very isolated and often dangerous part of Colombia.

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