Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Sharing Christ with the Cha and Ta

A couple days ago I came across another prayer request coming out of Colombia. I need to get some kind of a color code or visual graphic to differentiate between these different concerns. Until I become more gifted in graphic design, I'll just keep reporting as always.

The Cha and Ta are very much like any group of believers, whether in your church or mine. We need other believers to help us grow. We need the fellowship both for accountability and the furtherance of the Kingdom. But we also need to get out there and minister to the people around us. Lift up the Cha and Ta today as your brothers and sisters in Christ.

CHA AND TA OF COLOMBIA (chah; tah). As you continue to ask God to call and send His harvest workers to the Cha and Ta peoples of Colombia, pray also that the Christians among these two indigenous groups will have a burden to share Christ with their own people. Intercede for these Christians, asking that they will not wait for help to come from outside their community, but will daily seek God's face and heart, live a vibrant testimony of God's love before family, friends and neighbors, and be faithful to share what they have learned through previous Christian workers and through their own study of Scripture and/or review of previously told Bible narrations.

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