Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Ar People Team (Colombia)

My internet is back up, so that means more posts (at least, until my wife goes into labor and I have to spend my time doing more productive things). However, prayer is one of the most productive uses of our time. A few days ago I got an update from Colombia that I wanted to bring to your attention.

AR OF COLOMBIA (ahr). Thank you for your prayers for the beginning of a weekly worship service in one area where the Ar People Team works. The team shares: "In July, we confirmed with the indigenous of this particular area that in August we would begin to meet weekly on Saturday afternoons. Pray that this small group of believers and seekers will be faithful to these weekly meetings and will grow in their knowledge of God and love for Him, and that they will share His love with other members of this indigenous people group."

Please pray for the Ar of Colombia as well as for the Hispanic ministry of which I am a part. We have a shortage of leaders, and we've been experiencing a lot of setbacks, many, no doubt, brought about by the enemy.

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