Thursday, September 22, 2011

Prayer Request: Taking a Stand for Christ

I have a post coming out tomorrow on sbcIMPACT! about Cipriano de Valera and his treatise to believers who were suffering for their faith. Currently, in Colombia, at least one believer is suffering because she won’t submit to pagan practices. Please pray for V and other believers who really do suffer for their faithfulness to Christ.

AR OF COLOMBIA (ahr). V, an Ar believer from the area in which a group began to meet for weekly worship services in August, shared with missionaries that the indigenous leader had ordered a census to be taken. In order for someone to be considered a member of this indigenous community, they must: 1) Be baptized by an indigenous religious leader; 2) If they are married, the marriage must have been officiated according to indigenous religious rituals; 3) Every 15 days they will have to participate in community service according to the leadership of the local witchdoctor; and 4) Every 30 days they will have to present themselves before this witchdoctor for a ritualistic cleansing ceremony. V refused to be subjected to these requirements and was not included in the census. This decision will cause her to lose some of the privileges that the members of this community receive such as food for their children, community support, and possibly health coverage. Thank God for V's faithfulness and for the truth that He will supply all her needs according to His riches in glory. Pray that other Ar Christians will be bold and take a similar stand, and that God's blessing on these Christians will give Him glory before the other members of this people group.

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