Thursday, October 20, 2011

"Embrace" an Unreached People Group

Did you know that there are still thousands of people groups that have yet to hear the gospel? Did you know that not all of those groups are in Africa or Asia? Did you know that you can get involved in the effort to share the gospel with people who’ve never heard?

The International Mission Board has begun a program called “Embrace” to equip churches in the U.S. to pray for and engage unreached peoples with the gospel. The prayer request today highlights a very important opportunity for you to get involved.
If you are interested in the Embrace program, click the link above (or click here).
COLOMBIA. In August, a group of missionaries in Colombia met to identify the different unreached people groups (UPGs) and unengaged unreached people groups (UUPGs) in the country and to consider how these different groups could be engaged and come to know the God of the Bible. As a result of this meeting, eight different indigenous tribes were identified as priority people groups for the sending of missionaries and/or to become a part of IMB's "Embrace" emphasis: that every unengaged people group will have a local fellowship (churches in the United States and/or churches in Colombia) lifting them up to the Father, learning, strategizing and giving, with the ultimate goal of being on the ground among them to share the Good News.

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A missionary couple arrived in the United States in September and will be there through January 2012. They hope to have many opportunities to present these eight indigenous people groups in churches and other meetings and challenge and invite U.S. churches, Sunday School groups, etc. to "embrace" one of these groups. Thank God for each of these people groups and for His desire that they come to know Him. Pray that God will go ahead and prepare the way so that this couple will have many opportunities to share His vision for each of these indigenous groups. Pray that those churches, groups and individuals that God is calling will hear and will accept the challenge to embrace the nations, and the one nation (indigenous people group) in particular, as He leads.
If you are interested in having the missionary couple speak at your church, make an inquiry here.

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