Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Reaching People in Their own Backyard

I think sometimes we forget about national missionaries. Many churches, denominations, and church conventions support missions work right here in the U.S. From disaster relief to church planting, a lot is going on here. We tend not to think of it as missions because we’ve gotten used to the idea of missions as people leaving their country of origin to live in another country to reach people for Jesus.

Colombia has national missionaries too, which is just foreign enough for us to register. The Nu are a people group with very few believers who live in areas where it isn’t safe for foreigners to travel. It’s not very safe for nationals to travel either. But L and J, national missionaries, have spent the summer strengthening and encouraging the Nu believers. Praise God for that. And pray that He’ll use those strengthened believers to reach others for the advance of His Kingdom.
NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Thank you for praying for the Nu believers. Give thanks to God that having Colombian missionaries L and J in the community for three months this summer was a great encouragement to the believers. They are now willing to stay in their community, having received help in some practical areas such as health and education.

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