Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Update on the Nu and other Missions Stories

National missionaries can sometimes gain access to people and places that foreign missionaries can’t. In Colombia, some of the most unreached peoples are located in areas where rebel groups and drug traffickers have control. It’s dangerous for Colombian nationals to venture there. It’s even more challenging for foreigners, especially Americans.
Some Colombian nationals have answered the call to reach out in these difficult areas. After battling malaria and a skin fungus, the national missionaries who had hoped to share the gospel with a new clan of Nu people were forced to return to a larger city for medical help. Please pray for the missionaries, both foreign and national, who are seeking to reach the lost with the precious gospel of peace.
NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Last month you were asked to pray that Colombian missionaries L and J would be able to share Gospel stories with a new clan of Nu people before returning to their home in the city. That planned visit did not take place during this trip to the Nu communities. The national missionaries and their children were very sick with malaria and a skin fungus upon leaving the village, and were unable to travel. They returned to the city to get medical help. Please pray that their health will be restored and that they will have another opportunity to share with this new clan of Nu people.

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