Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Prayer: Reaching the Lost Around Us

Sometimes I learn a little about myself and my responsibilities from the prayer requests made for others. Today we’re called to pray for the Colombian Baptist Denomination. They are having an annual meeting in January, and the prayer is that they would feel a sense of urgency to reach the unreached people groups of their own country.

Do I have a sense of urgency to share the gospel with the unreached here in the U.S.? People from all over the world live right here in our backyard, but do we feel a sense of urgency? And does it matter whether a group is technically reached or not if they are within our capacity to reach them?

Pray for Colombia. Pray also for us, that we would not forget the people living amongst us without a Savior.

COLOMBIA. On several occasions, you have prayed for the Colombian Baptist Denomination, asking that their eyes and hearts will be open to the need to reach out to the indigenous of the country and to be obedient to God's call for laborers. Please continue to pray, asking that at the annual Baptist Assembly in January, churches and pastors will gather with hearts willing to hear and respond to God's call. Pray that there will be a new and compelling sense of urgency to share the Gospel with the unengaged unreached people groups of Colombia. Pray also that the leadership of the Colombian Baptist Denomination will be united in vision, purpose, and obedience to God's command to preach the Gospel to all nations.

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