Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Praying for Colombia

It’s been a while since I last posted a prayer request coming out of Colombia, but that’s been due to personal busyness and seemingly fewer requests coming across my Reader. This one is a little longer than most, so maybe that makes up for the silence somewhat.

I once asked a Colombian national who was serving as a missionary in Latin America and asked him what some of the pressing needs in his home country regarding mission work were. Surprisingly, he told me that there are many ministries aiming to reach the impoverished, but relatively few aimed at the middle and upper class professionals.

This prayer request highlights some of the reasons why reaching this group of people is challenging. Please pray with me for them.

MIDDLE/UPPER-CLASS PROFESSIONALS OF BOGOTA, COLOMBIA. The majority of the middle/upper-income professionals of Bogota are highly educated, with one or more college/post-graduate degrees. They tend to live in the more exclusive northern area of the city. Most live in apartment buildings or gated complexes with a doorman who restricts entrance into the complex.

Many attended Catholic schools and have participated in the Catholic culture of infant baptism and first communion, and were married in the Catholic Church. The majority consider themselves to be Catholic, but their attendance at mass varies widely. They live with a growing sense of self-sufficiency and entitlement that leaves little room in their hearts and minds to seek God and His direction for their lives. They view Christianity (especially evangelical Christianity) as a good solution for the poor, the outcast and children, but see little or no relevance in putting their faith and trust in Christ.

Due to the size of the city and security concerns, this people group is often suspicious and wary of others. In addition, their work and school schedules require that they leave home early, get home late, and have very little free time. Free time on the weekends is primarily spent with family. Often they do not know their neighbors and have little or no social contact with those outside their family, work, or personal social circles. For these and other reasons, it is often hard to make personal contacts and invite members of this societal segment to participate in a Bible study, cell group, or church. Please pray for the salvation of the middle/upper-income professionals of Bogota.

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