Monday, April 9, 2012

Prayer Request: Trekking with the Gospel

Missionaries do all kinds of work. There’s still the jungle trekking like we tend to romanticize and there’s the city-dwellers who reach people in high-rise apartments and coffee shops. Although I would probably have a preference for the latter (I like coffee), I’ve had the desire to do some trekking as well. Maybe next year!

Today I got a prayer request out of Colombia that gives us a small glimpse at what some of our brothers and sisters go through to bring words of hope and salvation to people who’ve never heard the gospel before. It makes me wonder what I’m really willing to do and say to coworkers and others who are easily accessible around me every day.

Please lift up J and L and the Nu people of Colombia before the throne of God today.
NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Rising early in the morning, national missionaries J and L and their two girls pile into a crowded vehicle for a five-hour trip to catch a canoe going up the river. The river trip takes two to three days, depending upon the current and other issues that can come up along the way. Once they finish the river trip, they arrive in a town that is nearest the Nu community where they are headed. Their trip is not over, however, because they have to walk five to six hours to arrive at their jungle home. L and J made this trip in March to visit the CK and T communities of Nu people, and they will be returning home in May. While in CK, their goal is to work on discipleship and leadership training. When finished there, they will have to return to the town and then take another four-hour trip to the T community, where there are new believers. While in T, they will repeat the evangelistic stories and then begin discipleship. Give thanks to the Lord that they will hold a baptismal service during this trip to T! Pray that the new believers will follow through on their decisions to follow Christ and grow in obedience to Him.

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