Thursday, May 3, 2012

Nu News on Missions

I love to hear these kinds of updates from the folks on the ground working with people of never or only recently come into contact with the gospel. Pray for God’s word to go forth and that the people’s eyes would be opened.
NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). In May, after three weeks in the C village, national missionaries L and J and their girls will make the six-hour return hike to the town by the river. There they will take a boat and travel several hours to the T community, where they shared the Gospel for the first time in January. They will stay in the newly built jungle home constructed for them by the Nu people in that village. Pray for them as they encourage the group of new believers there. They will be reviewing the evangelistic stories and will most likely be having their first baptisms in this community! The heart's desire of L and J is to take some of the Christian leaders from the C community with them on this trip. Pray that these leaders will understand God's call to take the Gospel to other groups of their people. Pray that they will be willing and able to accompany L and J to the T village to share the stories and take a leadership role in discipling this new community of believers.

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