Friday, July 13, 2012

Nu Kids on the Block #prayer #Colombia #MKs

Friday is the day I typically try to devote to praying for Colombia. As I wait for the right opportunity to live and serve God there, I use Fridays as the time I try to remember prayer requests and lift up missionaries there and the people they're reaching.

One such group of people is the Nu. National Colombian missionaries have been working to share the gospel with this group of people living in the rain forest. These missionaries have a limited window of opportunity to reach the Nu people, and their most recent trip required their children to work hard to meet their school requirements while away. Missionary kids (MKs) are often misunderstood and forgotten in our prayers. Praise God that these MKs have been keeping up with their studies, and don't forget to pray for MKs who are often overlooked yet sacrifice much for the advancement of the kingdom.
NU OF COLOMBIA (noo) - Last month you were asked to pray for the two elementary school-age daughters of the national missionaries to the Nu people. During their recent two-and-a-half-month trip to the jungle, K and A struggled to study while the Nu children played around them. The adventures of the Nu children were much more interesting than the books that were on the table in front of them! They did, however, remain faithful to their studies and finished their academics well before joining the Nu children in play. They were able to maintain their academics and to finish the semester on time. Their academic testing upon their return home demonstrated that they did indeed accomplish what they needed to do for school. Give thanks to God that that success has encouraged the school to allow them to make similar trips in the future, which will allow K and A and their parents to increase their ministry among the Nu people.

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