Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Multiple Updates on Colombia

Life has been hectic for me lately and I haven’t posted much on my blog. Here are the new prayer requests coming out of Colombia:
AR OF COLOMBIA (ahr)J is a young Ar girl who has made a decision to follow Christ as her Savior and Lord. As is typical in her village, she has only a fifth-grade education. To attend high school means traveling to a nearby village to study. The witchdoctor there requires all students to practice animistic rites in order to attend the school. J does not want to do this, so she has no opportunity to finish her education while living at home. However, she has agreed to leave her village to live with national missionaries J and A. She will teach them the Ar language and, in exchange, they will help her to get her high school education. Pray that God will give J and A the ability to learn the Ar language quickly. Intercede for J's ability to teach them, for her spiritual growth while with J and A, and for her ability to finish her academic education. AMAZON PEOPLES IN COLOMBIA (AM-uh-zahn)"Our Colombia Amazon Team has recently gained access to four villages of the C people group. Pray specifically for R, the 'man of peace' (Luke 10:6) who has been identified in one village. Pray that he will soon come to know Christ as his personal Savior, and that through him, we will also find men of peace in the other three villages." NU OF COLOMBIA (noo)Praise the Lord that in answer to your prayers, the trip to the jungle village was an excellent and blessed time! National missionaries L and J share: "We can see that Jesus is building up His church among the Nu people, and nothing can stand against it!" One of the Christian leaders from C village (the first to receive the Gospel) traveled recently to this new community, T village, to make sure that the new believers there are remembering God's Word, praying, and living as He desires. This Nu leader shared with L and J, "We never forget to spend time together in the Word and to pray to our Father!" GLOBAL MOBILIZING CLUSTER—Praise God for a recently opened door in Colombia! We do not have a Global Mobilizer there yet, though it has been a matter of prayer for a long time. Toward the end of August various Colombian Baptist leaders met to make plans for 2012 and to discuss missions. One of our ACSLs was invited to share with them about missions and their role in sending missionaries. Pray that God will use his words to challenge our Colombian brethren to be full participants in going to the uttermost ends of the earth!

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