Sunday, October 28, 2012

Praying for Opportunities and Effectiveness with the Pa

Mission teams can make a huge difference to local ministry. In Colombia some students from the U.S. went down to Colombia and as a result of their efforts, some missionaries now have the opportunity to build on relationships that came about because of that trip. Let’s pray for continued effectiveness and opportunities to take the gospel to people who’ve yet to hear and believe it.
PA OF COLOMBIA (pah) - Colombian missionaries H and D have been following up on the English and values classes that the team of students from the United States and from a Colombian church led in June. They are going from home to home to each of the children who participated in the classes. This has provided them tremendous opportunities to visit in homes, meet the parents, and offer to become more involved in the lives of families in two new neighborhoods. The parents have shown an interest in having H and D continue their involvement with their children. As a result, H and D are planning academic activities and values lessons taught through Bible stories. They are planning to be more present generally in these families' lives. Pray that this involvement in the children's lives will lead to open doors for sharing the Gospel with the parents of these children, leading ultimately to house churches being started in two new neighborhoods.

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