Friday, November 2, 2012

More Coffee (CAFE Prayer Requests)

This morning I got up and one of the first things I did was to make some coffee. The Spanish word for coffee is café. CAFE is also an acronym that IMB missionaries in Colombia use to refer to some of the minority ethnic groups in that country. I’ve been praying over the requests and updates coming out of Colombia for some time now, and I have two great items to share. First, there is going to be a special event geared towards women that the missionaries hope will spur the indigenous students into conversations that open the door for the gospel. A great opportunity that needs to be bathed in prayer. The second, which excites me to no end, is the report that a person I’ve prayed for, a university student named A, has become a Christian after initially rejecting a gospel presentation. Now instead we have the great privilege of blessing God for His working in her life and continuing to pray for her as she is discipled and taught more about the faith we share. Amen!
CAFE (Colombia's Forgotten Ethnos) Peoples (cah-FAY)—Team CAFE writes: “The young women in the indigenous student ministry who are believers are planning an event the first week in November called ‘Lady in Waiting.’ It is based on a book by the same title and looks at the story of Ruth. It encourages young women to wait for God's best. We would like to use this event to attract many of the new young women who have not yet become involved in any of the activities or shown an interest in spiritual conversations. Please pray for the new young women to attend and for their openness to hear the story and to apply it to their lives. Pray that this will be a way to break down some of the barriers and to build relationships.” 
CAFE (Colombia's Forgotten Ethnos) Peoples (cah-FAY)—Last month you were asked to intercede for A., a university student who is a member of an indigenous people group. She was open to hearing more about the Gospel, but became agitated as the conversation progressed and got up and left. In answer to your prayers, A. came back to the indigenous student center this semester and has been hearing the evangelistic Bible stories. Praise God that she has made the decision to accept Jesus as her Lord and Savior! Please pray for her ongoing growth and discipleship.

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