Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Book Review: Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart

Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart: How to Know for Sure You Are Saved. By J. D. Greear. Nashville: B&H Publishing Group. pp. 128. 2013. ($12.99 Hardcover | $9.99 Kindle | $10.98 Audio)

4.5 Stars (out of 5)
Are you sure that you’re saved? How can we know that we’re saved? J. D. Greear, pastor and author, hopes to answer these questions and more in his book Stop Asking Jesus Into Your Heart. The book itself is written in everyday language and uses the Bible to support its premise, namely that you can know for sure that you are saved.

I remember wrestling with these questions myself when I was younger. Quaint phrases like “once saved, always saved” did little to encourage a close examination of the Bible and more often than not were used to give assurance that so-and-so was going to heaven even though he or she wanted nothing to do with God and nothing to do with His church. Hardly what you’d call encouraging!

Greear, on the other hand, points to Scripture as the source of our knowledge on this topic and explains the gospel clearly in a way that his readers—likely teenagers and older—can understand. His reflections not only touch on the assurance of our salvation and security in Christ, but also how those truths should affect our Christian walk.

I’d never read anything by Greear before picking up this book, but I’d heard his name enough to know that he’s well-liked and people are looking to him for biblical answers to life’s questions. After reading this book, I am confident I can point others to him as a source of encouragement and solid teaching.

I would like to note that Greear, who was once a youth pastor, writes in a way that will resonate with teenagers. He uses a lot of humor, which is quite apparent from even the first sentence of chapter one. If you or someone you know is a teenager or young adult, this book may be a good resource for you.

I received this audio book from christianaudio for the purpose of review.

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