Thursday, July 11, 2013

A $0.99 Spending Splurge (Join me!)

I like to read. I also like to collect books. Sometimes, though, my collecting gets ahead of my reading by… oh… twenty books or so. It’s not that I don’t intend to read the books that I buy, it’s just that I find other things come up and my rate of book accrual outpaces my rate of book reading.

Normally my wife isn’t too bothered by this. In fact, she’s pretty accommodating of my penchant for purchasing books. However, we’re entering into a season where money is going to be tight because my employer is furloughing employees for a little over two weeks over the course of the summer and early fall. This means that I need to rein in my spending and get to work reading the books I already have. But what if I want to splurge, just a little?

Well, I’ve found the solution, at least for today: The Kindle version of Through the Eyes of Spurgeon is on sale for $0.99 on Amazon! I’ve already picked up my copy and it’s been downloaded to my reading device. At such a low price, you can get one too. The book (252 pages in print) is divided up into topics, so finding a specific quote is easy to do.

Take a chance and buy it for $0.99, or if you are hesitant, click the link above and check out the table of contents. There’s something for everybody. Besides, it’s summer. Splurge a little!

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