Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Book Review: Just Do Something

I've recently been accepted into the ChristianAudio Reviewer's program to download some audiobooks, listen to them, and write a short review. This is definitely a book I would recommend for people wondering what God's will is for their life. The book is available at and the audio version is available at (and it's not expensive, either).
Kevin DeYoung presents a practical, down-to-earth presentation of what it means to find and follow God’s will. Or should I say “make decisions?” He presents a strong and common sense argument against over-spiritualizing our directionless meandering through life and just applying scriptural principles to our decision-making. His message is simple: Just do something. Through the course of the book he explains that there’s more to following God’s will than arbitrarily doing whatever you want, but he makes finding God’s will easier and more difficult at the same time.

It is easier in the sense that we don’t have to wait for God to give us an unmistakable impression that we need to go and do something. What God has chosen to tell us about His will is evident in the Bible. It is harder in the sense that we are called to live godly lives, not to wait for God to reveal our next step to us.

The narrator reads the book the way it should be spoken. He adjusts his tone, pitch, and inflection, so a question sounds like a question, and sarcasm, well, let’s just say I love this book.

Mr. DeYoung presents his arguments and then carefully qualifies them, which I found to be a “page-turner” (so what if it’s an audio book). He’d say something and I’d think to myself, “That sounds right, but I have a reservation or two.” He’d then go on to explain exactly what he means and what he doesn’t mean, clarifying it with Scripture and clearing up misconceptions. This is a great book, especially for people who are waiting for God to show them what to do. Just do something!

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