Friday, January 1, 2010

Book Review: A Sweet and Bitter Providence

I've recently been accepted into the ChristianAudio Reviewer's program to download some audiobooks, listen to them, and write a short review. Here is what I had to say about John Piper's A Sweet and Bitter Providence.

John Piper does it again! The book, A Sweet and Bitter Providence, beautifully portrays the book of Ruth as nothing less than one of the greatest love stories ever told, written not by some chronicler or historian, but by the sovereign will of God. Piper explains through this story how both the good and bad things in our lives are both determined and controlled by God, telling a story that is greater than you or I could tell, ultimately bringing glory to God and bringing us joy and pleasure in Him.

Though this book is one of his shorter ones, Piper has crafted a masterpiece worthy of the fame his other works have gained for him. He provides comfort to the weary and hope for the suffering.

The narrator for this audio book also narrated Desiring God, another book by Piper that I downloaded a few months ago. Combining the voice of the narrator with the style and prose of the book, it feels like you’re wearing pajamas in front of a warm fireplace listening to a kind grandfather sharing his wisdom after a life of great heartache replaced by joy. I highly recommend this book to anyone interested in love stories or God’s providence, or just wondering about how the negative experiences in this life could glorify God or ultimately bring you joy.

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