Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Book Review: Doctrine

As a part of the ChristianAudio Reviewer's Program, I get to download some audiobooks, listen to them, and write a short review. Here are my thoughts on Mark Driscoll and Garry Breshears' new book, Doctrine: What Christians Should Believe.

Mark Driscoll is a controversial figure today. His sermons and past language has caused many to rightly raise an eyebrow or two. When I first saw the Doctrine sermon series, I decided to listen and find out just what Driscoll believes. Before I had finished the series I was inviting others to listen to his sermon on the Trinity and check him out. Driscoll believes the Bible and teaches it, and as a Christian involved in the discipleship of new believers, Doctrine is a must have.
The book reads well, and there is something for everybody. Breshears and Driscoll cover the essential doctrines of the Chrisitan faith in a very readable and well-organized way. For those already familiar with doctrine and theology, the book goes a lot deeper without losing young Christians or boring older ones. The authors also include many challenges and practical applications to encourage all believers, young and old, to live out their faith and the truths of these doctrines.

At first, the narrator's voice seemed odd to me because I'd already heard the Doctrine series preached by Mark Driscoll. Their voices are quite different, but after listening to an audiobook narrated by Driscoll, I'm happy Sean Runnette was picked to narrate this one. He does a great job narrating and carries forward the pastoral tone inherent in the book. He also narrated Humility by C.J. Mahaney (see my review of that book here).

To buy the audiobook, visit ChristianAudio.com (direct link to book information).
To buy the hardcover book, visit Amazon.com or ReLit.org.
To download the sermon series the book was based on, visit MarsHillChurch.org.

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