Friday, May 7, 2010

Book Review: Misconception

As a part of the ChristianAudio Reviewer's Program, I get to download some audiobooks, listen to them, and write a short review. Here are my thoughts on Paul and Shannon Morell's new book, Misconception.

Misconception relates the story of a married couple suffering from infertility and miscarriage who take the controversial and emotional step to try in-vitro fertilization.  When a mistake in the laboratory results in their embryos being transferred to another woman, their world is turned upside down and their faith is challenged.  Although the couple reflects on their faith and credit God with working the whole situation out according to His divine plan, the emphasis is not on religion or Christianity.  It is primarily biographical and chronicles the events that changed their lives forever that took place over a 9 month period.

The book was thoroughly enjoyable.  The characters are real and as such, very human.  We may be tempted to idolize past Christians or current world leaders, but this book is about a regular family placed in uncomfortable circumstances, and the fact that they connect it all to God's plan serves as an example to Christians seeking to see how God sovereignly works in our lives.
The book also addresses many of the ethical issues regarding in-vitro.  After listening to it and thinking about it, I don't think I could ever go through with it, though the author considers it to be a viable option, though heaped with great responsibility, and I would agree.  The narrator does well and achieves the effect of adding appropriate emotion and pause one would expect from this type of story.  The book does not go in depth on the science of in-vitro, but it does give you a lot to think about.  I'd suggest anyone considering the procedure read this book or one like it to consider the moral and ethical implications.

To buy the audiobook, visit (direct link to book information).

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