Friday, July 23, 2010

Book Review: Scandalous

As a part of the ChristianAudio Reviewer's Program, I get to download some audiobooks, listen to them, and write a short review. Here are my thoughts on D.A. Carson's book, Scandalous.

Scandalous is a marvelous introduction to the work and mind of D.A. Carson. I’ve enjoyed listening to his sermons/lectures in the past, and this book is the final product of his appearance at the Resurgence Conference. Carson is one of the greatest theologians of our day, but that doesn’t mean he is dry or impractical. The book remains reader-friendly (or listener-friendly) throughout, making the deeper sections all the more enjoyable and beneficial. Each chapter of Scandalous takes Scripture passages that may otherwise be familiar to you and makes you feel like it is the first time you’ve heard them, a delightful and rare treat.

The narrator, Dave Heath, must be a voice actor because he captures the sound, tone, and inflections of Carson’s voice.

I only wish the book were longer. Each chapter is a mini-commentary, and he’s whetted my appetite enough that I’m thinking his commentary on John may be a nice Christmas present to myself this year. That said, there was only one thing I found odd. In two different chapters he speaks of forgiveness and gives the same hypothetical scenario of forgiving a friend’s attackers. Reusing the same example twice may make it harder to forget, but it seems more like an oversight than intentional.

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