Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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I am quite fortunate to be a regular contributor to sbcIMPACT!. Tomorrow morning my next post goes up and I thought I might give my readers a sneak peak of what to expect. At church this past weekend I noticed the Scripture in the bulletin was slightly different than that which was on the projector. The reason? Biblegateway updated the NIV with the text of the new NIV update. The older version is still available under the label NIV ©1984. At first the new version carried the copyright to alert site visitors, but they dropped it so it just shows "NIV." Since our church secretary was unaware of the change, she copied the verses from the newer version.

My next post on sbcIMPACT! will be about some of the changes relating to gender and the complementarian/egalitarian debate (relating to the roles of men and women in the church). Here is a sample paragraph:

Like it or not, ... within a few years the majority of those in our congregations who use the NIV will be supporting this view and appealing to these verses as the undeniable evidence that ...

Should this view gain momentum, complementarians on both sides of the ... issue will take issue with the footnote. Will this cause church splits? Demands that the NIV change the word ... ? More conservative pastors and churches switching over to the ESV or HCSB? Time will tell. But I think this change will generate a lot of conversation, and if not light, much heat.

To what am I alluding in the above paragraph? Check out my post tomorrow morning on sbcIMPACT! to find out.

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