Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Book Review: The Priest with Dirty Clothes by R.C. Sproul

Reviewed by Hannah Wencl.

R.C. Sproul’s book The Priest with Dirty Clothes takes theological truths such as God’s holiness and justification and makes them understandable to children. Two Irish children begin the book as they listen to their grandfather tell the story. The children make it more personal and help readers bridge the application to their lives. Based on the biblical story of Joshua the priest, it allegorically explains how Christ makes us clean and justified before God. I especially like how Sproul carefully portrays God as kind and loving yet just and holy.

In the back of the book, a helpful guide for parents offers questions and Bible verses related to the story. I appreciate how it leads parents into deeper discussion of salvation.

Beautiful medieval illustrations add a rich context to the book and more feeling to the characters. Although the illustrations look realistic, the people’s faces and postures look cartoonish enough to make you react to them. You want to dislike the pointy, shriveled magician who represents the devil just from looking at him.

Children ages 6 and older will thoroughly enjoy this book, and younger children may enjoy it with help from parents.

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