Monday, March 28, 2011

Book Review: Slave by John MacArthur

Editor's Note: My wife, Hannah, previously reviewed the print version of this book. I recently received the audio book and my review pertains to that format.

I’ve read a book or two by John MacArthur and have enjoyed both his Study Bible and radio program for some time. My wife read and reviewed the print version of Slave, so when I had the opportunity to review the audio book, I figured it was time for me to try it as well.

The concept behind Slave is a good one. We need to be reminded just what it meant to be a slave of Christ, and since most translations prefer “servant,” MacArthur does well to remind us just what it meant to be a slave in the first century (with important comments on the slave trade in British and American history). My favorite chapter described the life of Jan (John) Huss was a fantastic overview of his life.

The book was a little disjointed and at times it seemed like MacArthur was forcing connections back to slavery where there were none. Early on he mentions that he was originally asked to write about the doctrines of grace, so he kind of blended the two themes together when they would have been better done separately.

Still, the recognizable voice of MacArthur makes a great reading companion and the gems in the book are worth looking at. I just wish they could have been a little more polished.

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Paul J. Sohn said...

This is by one of the most profound and life-altering books I've ever read in my life. Thank you for the summary. The key point is understanding the relationship with slave/master. We were bought with a hefty price - the very blood of Christ. What is amazing is how we find true freedom in slavery in Christ. That's amazing. Here's another post that complements yours. Thank you!