Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Pa of Colombia

I just got this update from Today's Prayer about Colombia. Oh how I would love to be able to be there! Please keep the people of Colombia in your prayers, as well as other groups around the world.
PA OF COLOMBIA (pah). Thank you for your prayers, and give thanks to God for the open response to the Gospel shown by this people group in the year 2010, culminating with the baptism of four Pa people. Goal one this year for the national missionaries who work with the Pa is to strengthen the three churches that began last year. The group is young and in need of much discipleship. Pray for leaders to come out of this group. The second goal is to see three more churches started this year with the families the missionaries are already visiting and with whom they are sharing Bible stories. Pray that these families will accept the Gospel message and desire to come together to study God's Word.

God is moving in the nations. Are you involved?

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