Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Prayer: Putting the "Fun" in Fungus

I'm not a fan of mushrooms. I can eat them, but they are fungi (plural of fungus). That's one step away from mold, and I am no fan of mold.
When I worked as a receptionist in college, I got the added duties of cleaning bathrooms. One bathroom had what I thought was dirt on some of the air vents, so I got out a soapy rag and cleaned them. Bad idea. Turns out the "dirt" was actually black mold. The bad kind. I ended up very sick for quite some time afterward.

That's why when I saw this prayer request from Today's Prayer, I had to lift up this missionary and her family:

PA OF COLOMBIA (pah). In February D, the Colombian national missionary who works with the Pa people, began a special time for adolescent girls. Pray, asking that the invited girls will arrive at the study time with enthusiasm and with hearts open to hear and receive what the Lord has prepared for them. Intercede for the parents of these girls, asking that they will also have a hunger and thirst for God. Also please continue to pray for the ongoing health needs of D and her family. The area where they live and work is extremely cold and damp, and they are plagued with fungus in the water, skin allergies, and ever-present respiratory and intestinal illnesses. Pray that they will have the ability to hear and follow God's direction concerning their overloaded work schedule, family needs, and personal time with the Lord.
Please remember that many of our brothers and sisters live in worse conditions. Most did not choose to live that way. Praise God for workers who are willing to enter situations that may not be "fun" in order to share the gospel of Jesus Christ!

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