Thursday, May 19, 2011

Prayer for Nu and U

I've been away from the site for a few days to attend a funeral of a good friend of ours. More on that here.

For now, there's been a few prayer requests that I've been unable to post, one for missionaries to the Nu people and one for a seminary/university (hence the U):

May 13
NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Thank you for your prayers for the Colombian national missionaries who work with the Nu people, as they have spent several months in a major city for a time of counseling, rest and regrouping. Thank the Lord that much healing has taken place, and they are looking forward to returning to their field of service in the near future.

May 18
COLOMBIA. Thank you for your prayers for the Baptist university/seminary in a major city, asking that at least 250 new students would hear and respond to God's call to participate in the new online program in preparation for following His call to go into the harvest fields of Colombia. Praise God that as of March 15, the online program had enrolled 170 students. Also there are 23 new resident theology students this semester. Thank God for the participation of each of these students, for the financial solvency of the school that comes with that participation, and for what He plans to do in His kingdom growth in and through these students.

It is good to see God moving in Colombia. A national missionary family we've been praying for (here and here) will be returning to the field shortly, and a seminary is able to continue. Even though the school isn't quite at 250 students, at least the ones that have enrolled will be able to gain insight into the Scriptures this semester. Continue to pray for more students to enroll—it looks like the request dates back to February of this year.

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