Monday, May 9, 2011

Update and New Prayer Requests

I’ve been away from blogging to attend the funeral of my paternal grandmother. More on that here.

To start off the week, here’re are a couple prayer requests coming out of Colombia.

May 6, 2011

CAFE (ColombiA's Forgotten Ethnos) PEOPLES (cah-FAY). Thank you for your prayers for the development of leaders from among the Christian indigenous students who are participating in the indigenous university student center. Two of these students, D and G, are leading chronological Bible storying times on Wednesdays and Sundays with a group of 10 students in the residences (dorms) where the indigenous students live. These are non-believers who started meeting because they are interested in learning about God. Pray for these leaders and for the salvation of these students. Petition for a clear understanding of the stories. Pray for IMB missionary B as she mentors the leaders. Praise the Lord for this first group led by the students!
May 9, 2011
COLOMBIA. Each month, missionary P prepares a Prayer Bulletin in Spanish that is distributed to all of Colombia's Baptist churches as well as to other churches and individuals. This Prayer Bulletin serves as a source for a daily devotional, for Christian growth, and as a call to prayer for the spread of the Gospel among the different indigenous groups of Colombia. Pray that P will be open and obedient to God's leadership in the preparation of this Prayer Bulletin. Intercede for churches and individuals who receive this Bible study/prayer tool, asking that they will be faithful to read the daily Scripture passages and accompanying devotional thoughts, and to pray for non-Christian family and friends.
**Missionary P was also mentioned in a different request earlier and serves on the Nicodemus Team.**
Let’s remember to pray for our missionaries in Colombia and around the world.

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