Saturday, August 6, 2011

A New Nu Missionary

I’m really enjoying the updates from the missionaries working with the Nu people of Colombia. We’ve previously been praying for J and L working in the C community (identities were removed to protect those involved). Now there’s a young woman, S, who’s getting involved and feels a calling into mission work.

Let us continue to pray for J and L who have precious little time to be with the Nu, and S as she works through the specifics of her calling.

NU OF COLOMBIA (noo). Thank you for your prayers for the Colombian missionaries to the Nu people as they spend three months deep in the jungle of Colombia, working with the first group of Nu believers. S is a young professional who feels that God is calling her into full-time missions. She has received permission to take a month off from work so that she can accompany the Colombian missionaries during a portion of their time in the jungle. She will help with the education of the missionaries' two daughters, as well as with programs of literacy and health. Pray that God will bless her time on this mission trip and that she will be confirmed in her understanding of God's call to her. Pray for health, safety, and the overcoming of some fears that she has.
This and many more prayer requests are available online at the International Mission Board’s Today’s Prayer page.

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