Tuesday, December 6, 2011


“You can express appreciation for your good fortune and suggest that others contemplate their own good fortune in a deity-neutral fashion.
A coworker wrote this. It is a generic you, I think, but I’m sure she’d have no problem saying the same to me personally.She wrote it in response to a Thanksgiving message that was sent out to our employees in which the writer said “blessings” three times and “give thanks” twice.

Here is my response:
“Deity-neutral is a new term for me. I'm not sure it is all that helpful. I don't find much of a difference between "express appreciation" and "give thanks", and even "good fortune" suggests either an unknown power or chance. The first could be offensive to some, such as atheists, and the second could be offensive to others, particularly those who believe in a sovereign God who controls everything that happens.

“Ultimately I think that a desire or expectation of "deity-neutral" language ultimately favors a non-theistic worldview over a theistic-worldview and would result in the censorship of "pro-deity" language.

“I find it similar to the gay marriage debate. Although the terms "partner" and "union" could be deemed "relationally neutral," in reality they clearly favor one side and oppose the other. There are already many people who consider "husband," "wife," and "marriage" as exclusive and offensive.”
Pray that I would be a faithful witness to her and others I come into contact with at work.

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