Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Book Review: Trusting God (5 stars)

I've begun discovering some of Jerry Bridges' books and I find them somewhat relaxing like classical music or a folding chair on the beach. Although the themes he covers in his books can be somewhat heavy, he writes in such a way that he disarms his reader and instead allows him or her to fully embrace what the Bible teaches. He is biblical, and the amount of study he puts into each books is obvious and refreshing. He seeks to be biblical, and I doubt any Christian author would desire higher praise than that.

In Trusting God, Bridges brings the light of Scripture to some of the more challenging questions that plague our minds in the waning hours of the day when we face the challenges presented to us in our pain and suffering. Through careful examination of Scripture, Bridges shows that God is actively involved in His creation, and all of the sorrow and sadness we experience in our lives serves an ultimate and glorious end. He's not out to advance a theological position, he's out to discover the teaching of Scripture. And his conclusions, namely that God is good and sovereign, that we are responsible creatures, and even sin was part of God's plan, may come as a shock to some. But in the midst of doubts and suffering, the words of Scripture bring comfort and joy.

The narration is superb, somewhat grandfatherly and a joy to listen to.

As a gift to my readers, I'm going to offer a free download of this book during all of February 2012. Okay, so it's actually a free download on christianaudio's website. But you should take advantage of this offer. I'm going to be gifting it to a few people.

The opinions expressed are my own. I received an audio book download of this work from christianaudio.

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