Friday, February 10, 2012

Visual Leviticus

In the “read through the Bible in a year” plan, Leviticus is normally where most people give up. After chapters and chapters of descriptions of the articles for the tabernacle in Exodus, the rules about sacrifices, cleanliness, and other laws can make this book drag on for many readers.

However, Leviticus is a very important book. God is supremely magnified as holy and set apart. Hence His laws exemplify that nature and call on His people to be like Him: holy and set apart. Sin mars everything, but God has provided a way for restoration and healing.

As the sins of the people were transferred to the “scapegoat” by laying hands on its head, so too our sins are transferred to Christ when we identify with His sacrifice. As the sacrificial animals were to be without blemish, so too Christ was without the taint of sin.

When Jesus identified the second greatest commandment, He quoted Leviticus. When He lived, He followed the Levitical law. When He died, He suffered its curse. Ultimately it is Christ that these sacrifices and laws point to.

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