Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Visual Exodus

Exodus. God fulfills His promise to Abraham that his descendants would suffer in Egypt but be brought back to the Promised Land. A would-be savior discovers that his way of doing things is not God's way, living a life of obscurity and only beginning to fulfill his life's work at the age of 80.

God's plan was not just to extract the Israelites from Egypt, but to bring Egypt and her Pharaoh to their knees in the process, showing them, the children of Israel, and the world who is God. After 10 plagues and a miraculous dividing of the waters, the Israelites soon lose faith in God. They grumble and complain. Moses goes up on a mountaintop to receive God's instruction while they live out their wicked and lustful desires down below. It is beginning to look like the salvation wrought in the Exodus was a foreshadowing of the kind of salvation they would need... from their sin.

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