Friday, March 23, 2012

TWO Prayers for Colombia

I have two prayer requests today from Colombia, both having to do with unreached people groups.

I’m currently working on learning Greek, and this kind of coursework is very difficult at times. But I have the benefit of video lectures, a work book, and other printed and internet resources to help me along. Imagine trying to learn a language without any of those benefits. Please pray for the missionaries working to learn the language spoken by the Ar people.

Also, be in prayer for the Lord to send out workers to the Cha and Ta people, who are currently suffering a lack of missionary presence.
AR OF COLOMBIA (ahr). National missionaries J and A are praising the Lord that a full-time language helper has just arrived to live in their home! Pray that the relationship between this Ar girl and the national missionaries will be of mutual blessing. Pray for the ability of J and A to learn the language, and ask that learning it will be a testimony that will open the door to the sharing of the Gospel with this people group.

CHA AND TA OF COLOMBIA (chah; tah). Give thanks to the Lord there are missionaries interested in these people groups. Pray that God will lead the decision-making process of those interested and bring the family whom He desires to reach the Cha and Ta people.

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