Monday, March 26, 2012

Praying for the Pa (Colombia)

Sometimes we can get lost in curriculum and books in our effort to disciple others and teach them the faith. Yet Bible truth has often been taught through stories, and stories are how we often learn best. The letters of the New Testament expound on the implications of the stories contained in the four Gospels. The truth of a risen Savior is the foundation of everything else in the Christian walk.

Pray for believers and missionaries in Colombia. Pray for the Pa. The prayer request today is not any different than what we should already be praying for our own churches. May God be glorified.

PA OF COLOMBIA (pah). The national missionaries serving among the Pa people have many new opportunities to meet with families and to begin sharing the Gospel message through stories. Pray for the message to be heard and received and for lives to be changed by the Gospel. Pray also for the spiritual growth of those who are already believers.

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